Top 10 Design Tools to create illustrations

Design plays a crucial role in numerous projects and having access to the proper resources and tools can significantly enhance the outcome. In this article, we will discuss ten design resources that can be utilized by anyone to create impressive illustrations, mockups, and more.

Design is an essential part of many projects, and having access to the right tools and resources can make all the difference. In this post, we're going to look at ten design resources that anyone can use to create stunning illustrations, mockups, and more.

‌Let's discuss about top 10 design resources that you can use:

1. Blush

Blush provides high-quality illustrations, we can easily create and customize stunning illustrations with collections made by artists across the globe. Blush helps us to choose illustrations from a collection of themes and styles. We can customize those illustrations as we like.

  • Free illustrations: Yes
  • Best for: Creating custom illustrations
  • Website:

2. LS Graphics

LS Graphics is a popular provider of device mockups. With a large collection of illustrations, mockups, UX designs, and more, it's a great resource for designers looking to create professional-looking mockups. It is one of the best mockup tool providers currently in the market. LS Graphics also helps in creating amazing websites.

  • Free illustrations: Yes (plus it has a large collection of paid designs)
  • Best for: Creating mockups
  • Website:

3. UnDraw

UnDraw is a free and open-source illustration provider that has a wide range of vector illustrations to choose from. With an easy-to-use search function and the ability to customize colors, it has become very popular.

UnDraw helps to create better-designed websites, products, and applications. We can use the on-the-fly color picker to generate images that match your brand colors.

  • Free illustrations: Yes (Everything is free)
  • Best for Landing page illustrations
  • Website:

4. Freepik

Provides the best high-quality photos, designs, and mockups to build an interesting webpage. Freepik provides free vectors, photos, PSDs, 3D images, and photos.

  • Free illustrations:  Yes (Everything is free)
  • Best for: All assets in one place.
  • Website:


IconScout is the home of unique 3D illustrations Lottie Animations, illustrations, and vector icons. We can select from a wide selection of designs. Find and Customize Free Icons and Graphics Without Leaving The Tools You Love. 4000+ Assets Added Daily. Integrated editors. Integrated plugins. Integrated tools.

  • Free illustrations:  Yes (plus it has a large collection of paid designs)
  • Best for: Icons, fonts, Lottie animations, vector illustrations
  • Website:

‌6. Creative Toolkit

The creative toolkit provides a bundle of products from iconshok, aritify, and people bundle. The biggest bundle of design resources and tools: more than 3 million icons, 5000 3D elements and animations, 5000 vector illustrations, 2000 ready-to-use social media templates, and a powerful canvas-like editor, all in one single deal!

  • Free illustrations:  Yes (Everything is free)
  • Best for: Finding similar illustrations
  • Website: creative-toolkit

‌7. DrawKit

Drawkit has a collection of 2d, and 3d illustrations, animations, mockups, icons, and more. We can download hand-drawn 3d illustrations, icons, fonts, and more.
DrawKit can Fully customize each creative illustration to match your brand and bring your designs to life with high-quality creative assets.

  • Free illustrations:  Yes (plus it has a large collection of paid designs)
  • Best for: Beautiful free illustrations updated weekly
  • Website: drawkit

8. Icons8

Icons8 provide the best 3d illustrations, they are life, and it's possible to edit them easily. They also provide a feature of editing the illustration as one pleases. If you're like most designers and marketers, you search for illustrations in Google Images or on some stock image website. With Icons8, you get trendier, more professional, and better-matching illustrations that enhance your projects and bring visual harmony into the world.

  • Free illustrations:  Yes (Everything is free)
  • Best for:  Static and dynamic animations
  • Website:

9. Craftwork

Helps to find and download high-quality 3d and vector illustrations, fonts, designs, and mockups. Craftwork provides Interface assets for designers, agencies, and startup creatives it also speeds up your design workflow with UX/UI kits, illustrations, and graphics.

  • Free illustrations:  Yes (plus it has a large collection of paid designs)
  • Best for:  Creative assets to boost your design workflow
  • Website:

‌10. Morflax studio

Morflax studio provides a platform for finding, editing, and downloading 3D images. Morflax studio is the fastest and easiest way to create 3D content for your marketing and design needs.

  • Free illustrations:  Yes (Everything is free)
  • Best for:  High-quality 3D illustrations, the fastest way to create 3D
  • Website:


The design resources discussed are some of the best design resources anyone can use to build amazing websites.