Learn how to create Notion Projects in less than 5 minutes!

Learn how to create Notion Projects in less than 5 minutes!

The new Notion Projects update has a bunch of features to explore, revolutionizing project management on Notion.

First up, on the projects page, you can view a list of all active projects. Each project is accompanied by specific details in various fields.

Priority can be assigned to each project.

Projects can also be viewed in timeline view.

Dependencies can be drawn between projects in timeline view.

There is a 'Mine' tab in the Projects page which shows you all the projects which include you.

Next up, is the Tasks page where all the project tasks are listed.

These can be viewed in a board view as well.

Next up is the Sprints page.

Here, Sprints can be planned and executed efficiently.

Sprints can also be viewed in timeline view and moved up or down.

The Sprint board is used specifically for Sprint planning.  

A new cool AI feature of Notion Projects is AI Autofill. This works in the Summary field of the Projects page. Just select the particular field and click Update.

AI writes out a summary about the particular project from information already given.

There are also various integrations possible.

Notion Projects also has a bunch of new features coming soon!

Those were the major features of the Notion Projects update. Watch the YouTube video for a more detailed overlook!