How to use WhatsApp Business App in 2023!

How to use WhatsApp Business App in 2023!

These are all the top features you need to know to do business on WhatsApp!

First up, we have catalog!

This is exactly what you think it is! You can list your products right here in WhatsApp in a catalog, and all your customers can peruse through it!

Next up is advertising on WhatsApp!

You can choose what you want to advertise and design an ad for it. Choose your budget and configure other settings as well and publish your ad!

Next up is labels for your chats.

Here you can see the various existing labels and you can also add labels to this list.

You can tap and hold one of your chats to assign it a label.

Next up is greeting and away messages.

When you're not available to respond to a message, you can make it so that an automated message is sent out with the appropriate information. Also automated greeting messages can be configured!

A good source of appropriate greeting and away messages is, where you can get templates.

Next up, we have short link.

This is a link you can share around that potential customers can click on and start a chat with you.

Next we have quick replies.

These are shortcuts you can use in chat, instead of repeatedly typing out frequently sent messages.

You can make your own quick replies easily.

Just use '/' in chat to bring up the quick reply menu.

Next up, we have statistics.

Here you can see various stats about your business on WhatsApp such as messages sent and delivered.

Lastly we have adding your website and instagram handles to your business profile.

A lot of details can be specified in your profile.

Connect your Facebook and/or Instagram for increased connectivity.

Watch our video on YouTube for a more detailed tutorial!